‘as above so below’ series

Skills: artwork

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What is considered to be surreal to the outside world, is the reality of the world of the magician. A weaver, weaving the threads of perceived fiction and fable amongst the warp of everyday life, an ancient force is harnessed for the purposes of a higher state of being.

Magic is often made out to be dark and foreboding, however with the state of today’s society, we need magic more than ever to re-enchant a disenchanted world. Is it not prudent then that we attempt to reconnect with our ancestors, our past, to learn from the mistakes that have been made in order to right the current wrongs before they are all consuming?

This series is based on my occult and Vodou studies over the last 15 years or so.

As Above So Below No. 1

‘As Above So Below No. 1’ by Michelle Driver
2017, hand woven tapestry, wool, cotton & linen – 66cm x 66cm (25.9″ x 25.9″)

::  FINALIST – Gallery M Open Contemporary Art Prize 2017