How did I get into Cross Stitch?

MoonPhases grey.jpg

Threefold Designs started with cross stitch kits ... wanna know the story?

I tried many different mediums the first time I went to Art School, but I wasn’t passionate about any of them. In my mid 20s, I discovered the God Of Textiles – yes, that’s right – Kaffe Fassett!

I stitched many of his designs, then I met an amazing woman called Anna Polias. I was a ‘stitcher’ for her, and she encouraged me to design my own. And so Threefold Designs was born, with the Moon Phases pattern! (the name is based on Maiden / Mother / Crone phases of the Moon).

I stopped creating these kits when I became obsessed with weaving, and I only have a few left … though my patterns are still available in PDF format if you’re keen :)

I lost touch with Anna over the years, but I hope she is still knitting and stitching!