'Windows No. 6'


OK – how many of you have unfinished projects?

This is one of mine - ‘Windows No. 6’, which is finally finished and up on the wall!

According to Instagram, I finished this exactly 1 year ago today … yeah, it’s been sitting in my studio waiting to be finished off 🙄

I am an organised person … I have to be – I work full time, and run this lil’ business. I’m really good at fitting stuff in. But I do still procrastinate!

So I set myself a challenge. I was going to make a YouTube video about my unfinished projects. Every night after work, I worked on these projects, and gave myself a deadline to finish them.

This was one of my projects! I left it to last, as I had no idea how I was going to finish this off. My hem was too small, because I ran out of room on the loom.

So I ended up turning the hems over, sewing Velcro on the back and attaching to a piece of wood (in the usual tapestry way) – but this time I added screw eye rings (thanks @combedthunder for the inspiration!) to the top to ensure it wouldn’t flip down. I used nylon wire for hanging, since I didn’t have room to hide the fixings on this one. I might paint the rings white to hide them more.

By the way, the video is HERE - hopefully it will inspire you!