YouTube video - UFOs! (unfinished objects)

YOUTUBE :: New video!

Following on from my last post … I challenge you to get out your unfinished projects! Please head over to YouTube (link in bio), and leave a comment of what you pledge to get finished, and the timeframe you are giving yourself.

I want to inspire you to set yourself a deadline to get them finished. Mine was one week, and I had four projects. I started with the easiest thing (finishing off samples), and left the hardest thing to the end (finishing off my x-ray tapestry you saw in the last post). You may find it better to do the other way around, but I was too overwhelmed by that tapestry …

And I have to tell you – IT FEELS SO GOOOOOOOD!!!!

I also have to confess I was totally over the whole exercise by the middle of the week, but because I was making a video it forced me to complete it, ha!