'Theatre Of The Grotesque No. 2: Borehole' by Michelle Driver

2019, hand woven tapestry (wool, cotton, linen, x-ray film) - 43.5cm x 45cm (17.1" x 17.7")

I created 'Theatre Of The Grotesque No. 2 - Borehole' using vintage medical imagery as a metaphor for society, which appears open-minded, but is wanting us to conform to the status quo. The practice of trepanning could suggest the brainwashing of the masses by government and media.

We tend to view 'barbaric' practices of the past with horror, but we are living in a grotesque world of our own, in which those who live outside the norm are vilified. This piece is part of a series that represents my life as a misfit, and asks the viewer to challenge their preconceived ideas about what is ‘normal’.