What colour scarf is best for me?

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Common question: ‘What colour should I choose?’

My usual answer - what do you wear most often?

Firstly - are you a cool colour or warm colour person?

I am a cool colour person, and my go-to colours are hot pink, purple, emerald green and royal blue. You will very rarely find me in any other colours, and usually I wear these as accents with my basic black.

Take a look inside your wardrobe - do you have any dominant colours?
If you don’t like your current wardrobe and want to add some ‘spice’ - what colours make you feel good?
Are you one of those people who love a particular colour but never wear it?

Adding accessories is the perfect way to add a pop of colour, without committing to a whole outfit ;)

To see my current range, head over HERE :)

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