Do you make everything with your own hands?
Definitely!  For me, making is the FUN part!

How do you make your scarves / plant holders / etc?
You can find a lot of videos on my YouTube channel that show my processes!

How do I care for my handwoven products?
Although my scarves are robust, I recommend handwashing in cool water with an eco-friendly wool wash and drying flat in the shade. You can use a warm iron to gently press.

I store my scarves rolled, as this reduces the need to iron … and that’s always a good thing!

Threefold Designs scarves last for many years, and get even softer with wear.

How do I care for my soy candles?
Here's how to get the most out of your candles:
::  ensure the first burn is at least 2-3 hours long to establish the melt pool
::  never burn a soy wax candle for more than 4 hours at a time
::  trim the wick before you burn your candle each time - this will ensure the flame is low, and the candle lasts longer
::  store your candles out of the sun - you don't wan them to melt before you can burn them!
::  fire is dangerous!  Please ensure you burn your candle on a flat, fire resistant surface

What if I want to try scarves on?
Check out my stockists here!  

You are out of stock of my favourite colour/pattern!
Never fear, you can order a ‘made to order’ scarf! Head over HERE for the Dappers, HERE for the Classic, and HERE for the Cravats.

I love your artwork, but I don't know how to look after a tapestry!
Hey, it's all good - just check out my YouTube video on looking after tapestries, and even tips on where to hang them.

How can I pick up my order from Norwood, SA?
I work out of Collective Haunt (68 The Parade, Norwood) most Saturdays, so you have the option to select 'pick up' to save postage.

I will email you after your order has been received to confirm.

There are always exciting exhibitions at the Haunt, so it's a great opportunity to enjoy some art while picking up your order!

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, although I am based in Australia, I ship all over the world! All my products (unless they are made to order) are posted within 1-2 business days via Australia Post.

Artworks are shipped via Sendle courier within Australia.

If you are based in the UK, please contact me for options, as the VAT requirements are very complicated for little ol' me!

Is sustainability important to Threefold Designs?
Yes, I have been working over the years to make my business as sustainable and ethical as possible:

:: Most of my weaving equipment is from Ashford, who use sustainably-sourced timber for their looms

:: I only use vegan-friendly natural fibres, like cotton and bamboo - I am ethically opposed to silk, and understand that not everyone likes wool. Scraps are recycled in our Green Waste bin, or used as stuffing for other craft projects.

:: I use recyclable materials to package my products, and am using compostable Heropack envelopes.

What are your payment options?
You can shop with PayPal, Shopify payments or even Afterpay within Australia - all very safe and secure.

Do you make traditional scarves with fringes?
No, as there are many other weavers who make those ... and you came here for something different, right?

Any other questions I haven't covered?  Then you know what to do ... contact me!