artwork made out of x-ray film with the word connect cut out
artwork made out of x-ray film with the word connect cut out
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Original Artwork - 'Connect' by Michelle Driver, 2023

Hand cut x-ray film

In ‘Connect’ I explore the duality of darkness and light, unveiling a powerful affirmation that resonates with our deepest emotions. This artwork is a testament to the potential for positivity to emerge even from the most obscure and concealed places.

The medium I've chosen is unconventional yet profoundly symbolic: X-ray film. This material, traditionally used to reveal the hidden, becomes the canvas for our affirmation to emerge.

The X-ray film, with its inherent connotations of medical examination and introspection, represents the concealed aspects of our inner selves. It's in these hidden recesses that we often discover our true strength and resilience.

I have used my signature dark aesthetic, which serves as a metaphor for life's challenges and obscurities. Just as the darkness envelops the artwork, so do our struggles sometimes envelop our lives. However, it is precisely in these moments of darkness that the light of affirmation shines most brilliantly.

::  23.5cm w x 32cm h x 3.5cm deep (including frame) (9.2” x 12.6” x 1.38")

:: Shipped within 1-2 business days via courier (Sendle) with tracking within Australia, and Australia Post overseas.


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