'Road Trip: Luna Park Melbourne'
'Road Trip: Luna Park Melbourne'
'Road Trip: Luna Park Melbourne'
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'Road Trip: Luna Park Melbourne'

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Original artwork by Michelle Driver, 2023 - READY TO HANG!

Hand woven tapestry (wool, cotton, linen, x-ray film)

In the heart of Luna Park, where laughter intertwines with the echoes of nostalgia, a unique tapestry unfurls. Within its threads, we find an intricate dance of contradictions—meant for children, yet shrouded in an aura of creepy, sinister allure.

At first glance, Luna Park is a place of jubilant wonder, where twinkling lights beckon with promises of joyous adventure. Children's laughter mingles with the exhilarating whirl of rides, creating a symphony of delight.

Yet, as we delve deeper, we are confronted with a more enigmatic narrative. The distorted grins of carnival characters take on an eerie quality, casting shadows that whisper secrets of a darker enchantment. The juxtaposition of bright hues against obscure undertones invites us to question the true nature of the merriment found within the park's boundaries.

In this artwork, we encounter the uncanny, where the borderland between childhood innocence and adult unease blurs. It challenges our preconceptions about the amusement park experience, prompting us to consider the hidden complexities of our collective imagination.

As viewers, we are left to ponder the disquieting beauty of Luna Park's duality. By embracing the inherent contradictions of this beloved landmark, the tapestry reveals that there is an element of sinister charm lurking beneath the carnival's surface, a reminder that even in the most enchanting places, shadows can create the most compelling stories.

‘Road Trip: Luna Park Melbourne’ serves as a visual metaphor for the complex emotions and experiences that define our human condition, inviting you to see Luna Park in a new, captivating light—one that is both unsettling and enchanting.


:: 30cm w x 29cm h (11.8" x 11.4")

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