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My first textile obsession was cross stitch …

After art school the first time around, I still hadn’t found my ideal medium - I’d tried painting, drawing, illustration, ceramics, sculpture, and loved them all - but nothing made me super excited.

Until I found needlepoint - it was a Kaffe Fassett book at the library that started it all.

Pretty soon, I was preferring using the cross stitch with wool to make my needlepoint more ‘chunky’, and to attain geometric patterns. I started my business Threefold Designs in 2004 with cross stitch kits and patterns.

I stopped cross stitching after my tapestry skills were good enough that I could finally create what was in my head onto the loom. I then gave away my floor-standing needlepoint frame!

Well, luckily I kept one needlepoint frame, because one of the pieces in my text-based series was supposed to be a needlepoint - it wasn’t finished in time for my solo exhibition, but I still really want to finish this piece!

Gotta say, I’m loving it - but not as much as tapestry weaving! And I’m pretty sure it will be a one-off ;)

Of course, you can still find my cross stitch patterns (and some kits) on my website!

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