Don't just outfit plan - wardrobe plan!

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Do you wear a scarf just to be warm, or is it a fashion accessory?

I’m assuming if you’re here, then you believe it can be both!

If you are purely after functional, then any old thing will do.
If you are after beautiful AND functional, then you are in the right place!

I believe that * everything * you wear is a statement! Because I outfit repeat a LOT (hey, I get a bit attached to my clothes, haha!), I take my time finding just the right piece that will express my personality and make me feel good.

I believe this is the key to loving what you wear - and if you want a wardrobe that makes you feel good, and more YOU, then planning is essential.

That’s why when you buy a handwoven scarf, it’s not a throwaway object to keep you warm - it’s a valuable accessory that expresses your personality and enhances your outfit … yeah, and keeps you warm in a stylish manner ;)

You can find more on my website - and there are ‘Made To Order’ listings if your perfect colour is not in stock :D

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