How to clean your handwoven Plant Holder

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Sssoooo … what happens if my Plant Holder gets dirty?

I was asked this question by a lovely customer recently, so I thought I’d make a lil video, since one of my cats just knocked one of my plants off the bookshelf, spilling dirt ALL OVER the carpet, and messing up my planter.

So here’s what I did …

1. Brush off the excess dirt
2. First, use water to spot clean
3. If that doesn’t work, then use a gentle stain remover to spot clean
4. This was fine for mine, but if yours is still dirty, then you can handwash in tepid soapy water. Leave to dry, then you can gently iron if it’s a bit creased.

The great thing with cotton is that it’s easy to clean!

I may think about making some planters with black fabric - what do you think? Depends on the feedback!

You can find my range of fabric plant holders on my website :)

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