Introducing ... Soy Candles!

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E C C E N T R I C    W E F T 

I have a little surprise for you, my friends …

I am adding gender-neutral soy candles to my range under the name ‘Eccentric Weft’!

You can find them HERE!

I started making candles in February because I was spending too much money on them myself, and it’s hard to find candles that aren’t flowers, fruit, coconut or vanilla ;)

Both my partner, Anita, and I put our heads (and noses!) together and came up with a range of 6 candles, and together with our friend Tam, we named them after goth songs/albums (if you know, you know!)

You'll be able to smell them in person on the opening of our next exhibition at Collective Haunt on Thursday 7 December - we’ll be having a little market downstairs in the carpark from 5.30 to 7.30, as well as our fundraising exhibition, and Hamish Fleming’s exhibition upstairs.

I'll also bring them in to the Haunt most Saturdays, so come and visit between 11 - 4!

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