No, I am not patient!

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I made this work because many people assume I must be patient to be able to work in very slow mediums like tapestry and handweaving.

No, I am not patient!

I am actually a very highly-strung, ‘Energiser Bunny’ kind of person, some say ‘pocket rocket’, I don’t sit still, I don’t relax, and I never stop creating. I’m completely obsessed.

And I realise that saying all of this out loud makes me sound kinda crazy. But that’s just the way I am.

I find a way to work on my creativity every single day, even when working full time, because I feel super anxious if I am unable to do this.

I think I love slow mediums because they force me to slow down a bit - I have to concentrate, and be precise. It’s like a creative meditation.

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