Theatre Of The Grotesque No. 2: Borehole

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‘Theatre Of The Grotesque No. 2: Borehole’ - hand woven tapestry by Michelle Driver (2019)

Trepanning, or trepanation is basically drilling a hole in the skull to relieve pressure. In ancient times, it was also used to let the evil spirits out.

Trepanation experienced a resurgence in the 1960s, when a group of people used trepanation as a way to get high and emulate their ‘third eye’ to experience euphoria and enlightenment.

Joey Mellen wrote a book called Bore Hole, and he and his partner Amanda Feilding practiced self trepanation - the latter did it for the camera in a short film called ‘Heartbeat In The Brain’ - the stills from that film are on Google, and are pretty confronting (wouldn’t recommend, lol!)

You can find this artwork for sale on my website - having this artwork in your home is a safer way to gain enlightenment :D

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