Vale Frankie :(

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Last week we lost a dear friend … 

Our little Frankie crossed the Rainbow Bridge :(

We have no idea how old she was. When we adopted her about 11 years ago, the RSPCA said she was around 4 years old, and the vet said she was 2 - so she was probably around 15, even though she looked like a kitten.

When we adopted her, she was in a bad way - I didn’t want to know the story, but she’d just had a litter of kittens (who were all adopted), and she had injured herself, and had many operations over about 5 months. No, we had no idea why RSPCA spent that much time and money on a tabby - but she ended up being on their calendar that year, and the volunteers were very emotional when we took her home.

She was a bit of a bitch - sassy, funny, cheeky, smart, in charge of everyone. Right up to the end, she was hitting Tessa across the face (she wasn’t going to let a big dog boss her around!), trying to steal peanut butter, and generally being bossy.

But after the last 12 months of her suffering from IBS, we had to make a difficult decision. I’m grateful Anita is tougher than me, I just sat in the car and cried.

Thanks Frankie for being a great kitty, for contributing to our chaotic household - who’s in charge now you’re gone?

And if you’ve read this far, all I’m going to say is … adopt don’t shop, please rescue! There are so many out there  xx

Main image: ‘Frankie’ tapestry, 2014ish

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