Weekday weaving reality ... !

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OK, here is some weekday REALITY!

So I usually record videos and take pics on the weekend, because it’s bright outside, and good lighting is KEY! Also, I have the time, because filming really slows you down ;)

But since I work a full time day job, I have to squeeze in weaving between everyday stuff … so during the week, I’m weaving in my pjs, when it’s too dark outside to take pics.

As soon as I finish my work, I log off, put on my pjs, take off my makeup, then it’s on to the second ‘job’. When I don’t have deadlines, I like to alternate between handweaving and tapestry weaving, depending on what’s going on.

So here’s some reality for you … not very glamorous, but it’s how most of my work is actually created :D

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