Handwoven Cravat Scarves

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So … I don’t know much about fashion ;)

I have my own style, and I like to wear what feels good to me, and what makes me feel like my best self.

Are you the same?

But guess what? It seems that my Cravat style scarves are pretty ‘fashionable’ at the moment!

Or maybe I should just call them my ‘best sellers’? Usually the Classic scarves are my top sellers, but this year has been different!

So a heads up, my lovely friends - I only have Cravats in stock at Fleurieu Arthouse at the moment, so head over to McLaren Vale to get your fix! You can also grab a lovely coffee and pastry while you’re there, and check out the current exhibition - what a great day out!

Rest assured, I have more on the loom right now, and they will even be in a new pattern … but more on that later!

Of course, I still have the Cravat ‘Made To Order’ listing on my website :)

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