Perfectionism part 1

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I was listening to a podcast about perfectionism the other day.

Yes, I am totally a perfectionist … though it’s probably part of my neurodiversity, but I am very well aware that I have obsessive tendencies, and need everything to be ‘just so’ before I can let go of them. Yes, I am that person who cannot work in a messy room, and lines up items in a certain way ;)

So why the hell did I choose tapestry as my medium? 

Tapestry is a perfectionist’s nightmare. When I started, I was told that ‘you have to be doing tapestry for at least 15-20 years before you get any good at it!’. For some reason, I took that as a challenge, but 13 years on, I can really see what they meant.

There are not many people who are ‘perfect’ at tapestry - and to be honest, I find ‘perfect’ tapestries boring :D  I’ll never be perfect at tapestry, and I don’t really want to be. I like to show that my work is made with human hands, it’s not made by a machine. Often, the people who strive to have perfect technique are not as good with the ‘art’, if that makes sense?

And I’d rather put my energy into making good art (whatever THAT means … but that’s another story!)

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