Perfectionism part 2

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Perfectionism, part 2 …

In my last video, I was talking about perfectionism, and how tapestry weaving is a perfectionist’s nightmare.

Well, in contrast, handweaving demands perfectionism!

If the loom is warped up incorrectly, even if you miss one single thread … the whole pattern will be thrown out, and fixing it takes nearly as long as warping up the whole loom all over again :O

When actually weaving, one pass in the wrong shaft combination will also result in the pattern being incorrect, so it needs to be unpulled and corrected.

Handweaving is very mathematical, logical, and process-driven.

Which is why I love it!

Maybe that’s why I love both handweaving and tapestry - they are similar, but also totally different. I can be my natural perfectionist self when handweaving, but have to let that go when tapestry weaving.

How about you - are you a perfectionist?

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