Perfectionism part 3

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Perfectionism, part 3

OK, I feel I have more to say about perfectionism, haha!

I think that in today’s society ‘perfectionism’ is touted as a good thing, but it can actually be quite crippling. Saying that, sometimes (like in handweaving) it is used in a positive way, but perfectionism isn’t necessary - or helpful! - all the time.

I often wish I could be a ‘done is better than perfect’ sort of person - I’m trying to re-train my brain, and have had a bit of success in some parts of my life.

Perfectionism manifests differently, depending on how your brain works. From a neurodiverse point of view, I am autistic (not yet formally diagnosed), so I will just do something until it is perfect, labour over it, and will not stop until it is done. I’d rather work late into the night than just let it go. Some people have the opposite problem - perfectionism can manifest as inaction - if you can’t do it perfectly, then don’t do it at all.

So yeah, the idea of perfectionism is nuanced … and in this digital age, I feel it’s something that is romanticised too much, when ‘done is better than perfect’ should really be the thing we strive for.

Phew, that was deep, haha! What do you think?

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